Are you tired of feeling defeated, embarrassed and self-conscious every single time you step foot into a gym? You look at all the machines, weights and bars and wonder "what the f*** do I do now?"

Maybe you train at home but still feel lost as to HOW to get yourself to your fitness goals and perhaps overall lifestyle change. Are you having thoughts of "this is impossible"?

Let me just tell you right now. You are NOT alone! I I can't even count the number of times I used to get dropped off at the gym, felt intimated, then embarrassingly made my way to the cardio machines even though I absolutely hated cardio with a passion!

I am here to tell you I have learned all the tips and tricks to make training and the gym your best friend. I also want to promise you that it's POSSIBLE for you to feel confident and comfortable when working out, and ultimately, will lead to towards attaining your fitness goals, whether it's fat loss and/or gaining muscle!

My programs are outcome-driven, they provide ALL the accountability, structure and high-touch support you need to finally reach your fitness goals once and for all.

At EH Fitness, our #1 priority is your health as well as getting you to your goals, helping you find that consistency in fitness and believing in the impossible!

It's time to say goodbye to those intimidating gym sessions and hello crushing every. single. workout! I create transformations, some pretty freaking crazy ones!


ARE YOU READY to learn ALL the fundamentals of training and nutrition so you can finally become your own coach in the long-run?


If so, click the button below and apply!

Believe in The Impossible

- Coach Ev

*All coaching programs come with guaranteed results, whether physically visible and/or change of lifestyle and mindset.

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