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Why 'Diets' Are Setting You Up For Failure

I don't think there is anything in the world that displeases me more than hearing the word ‘diet’.

According to Dictionary.com, the word 'diet' can be used as a noun to refer to "food and drink considered in terms of its qualities, composition, and its effects on health" or "such a selection or a limitation on the amount a person eats for reducing weight". For the purpose of this blog post, I will be referring to the second one. You often hear some people say that they're on a"no-carb", "low-carb", or "no-sugar" diet and hearing that just gives me goosebumps and not the good kind. This is the kind of diet that sets the human mind and body up for destruction.

To be completely honest, I feel that ‘diets’ exist in order to set people up for failure. It's self-destruction waiting to happen. Your body needs consistency and stability, in which diets do not offer. This consistency and stability is what leads to attaining a certain lifestyle. It never makes sense to me when people tell me they’re going on a no-carb or a no-sugar diet. Yes, you might see results, but once you ‘finish’ or ‘end’ that diet and introduce these nutrients back into your body, you’ll bloat up or change dramatically! Not only does your body take a beating, so does your mental health.

3-4 years ago when I weighed over 190lbs, it was mainly due to poor eating habits. I ate huge meals late at night and went straight to bed, along with many other horrible nutrition habits.

November of 2013, I made a vow to myself that no matter how badly I wanted to look "good" and "fit, I wouldn’t sacrifice things that I love, such as food, sleep and my happiness. Therefore, I never went on a strict diet. I love food too much! It’s important to ensure you’re not over eating and you’re also aware of your nutrition intake.

As a fitness competitor, I’ve seen both the good and the bad sides of competing. As a previously unhealthy overweight individual, I’ve experienced the other extreme end of the relationship with food. One needs to find a healthy and happy medium when it comes to their nutrition. Don’t limit yourself to foods you hate but focus on whole, nutritious foods!

What if I told you that you could lead a happy, fit and healthy lifestyle and you can still enjoy your sweets and junk food on occasion?

The truth is, you can, so keep on pushing! Feel free to share this with those you think would benefit from my personal experiences!

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