Keeping Fitness a Priority While In School

August 1, 2016

People ask me how I do it, how I worked 5+ jobs, took 6 full-time courses (average is 5) and prepped for my first fitness competition and took home 3rd place October 2015 while in 3rd year University. A little secret between you and I, I actually wasn’t a statistic in the “freshman 15” as I went against the norms and lost all my unhealthy weight (50+ lbs) during my University career. 


Well, the time has come again. I’m beginning my 4th (and final) year of studies at Queen’s University, running my own business, still working at the school gym, teaching students pole fitness and so forth. Although my course load has lightened this semester, my scheduling tactics and way of multi-tasking has and will remain the same!


So here are my tips and tricks for you to stay motivated while suffering the everyday life of a student and still wanting the motivation to go to the gym or remain active! 


1. STAY ON TOP OF THINGS - I cannot stress the importance of staying on top of things when you’re trying to do 4 things at once. Read your syllabus when it’s given to you. Write down the important due dates, meetings, appointments, even get togethers.  



2. ORGANIZE & PRIORITIZE – It’s important to have a healthy balance between school, work, friends and time for yourself. But it’s also important to know what comes first. If you have a paper worth 25% due tomorrow and your best friend asks you to go out the night before, you better stay strong and say no! You’ll thank yourself when you get your marks back in a few weeks’ time.


3. SCHEDULE – You must all have a phone, since I see most of you catching Pokemons anyways (kidding)! Use this or another reliable way to schedule in these important dates. This will allow you to stay on top of your life and life won’t be able to throw unexpected dates at you.


Like you always hear, consistency is key. Lastly, 4. As a student, your classes are generally fixed. Treat your gym time and fitness time as a class. Schedule it in every day (even rest days) in order to hold yourself accountable. It’s okay to miss a workout because you’ve accidentally procrastinated until the last minute. But just know you’ll jump right back into the swing of things in a few days!


Making fitness a priority doesn’t always mean you’ll be able to commit 100%, but even 85% is still better than 25%. What’s that saying? “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land amongst the stars”"




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