Why Physical Transformations Start With The Mind

May 30, 2017

Happy #TransformationTuesday everyone!


I decided to make a blog post about this since it was too long to fit onto an Instagram caption. It’s been a while since I made a transformation post about my body at my two extremes (does that even make sense? LOL) First photo was taken around the time I was at my heaviest in 2013 and the second photo was when I was at my lowest weight on my competition day in 2015.

The question I'm going to vaguely answer today is why did I decide to start working out? I wanted to feel confident, I wanted to be happy, I wanted to see myself in a different light, a brighter light. I knew I was the only thing getting in the way of actually becoming more active and more fit, I just needed to somehow get there. Those who fail are the ones that live life thinking the world owes them something and that they are perfect and are never at fault. I essentially had to mentally prepare myself to start my journey, however long it may take. I had to come to the realization that there is NO end date, that if I was committed, I had to be committed for a long, long, LONG time. I had to appreciate the small daily improvements and progress to eventually being able to appreciate the big ones.


Being happy with yourself when you aren’t truly happy with the way you look and feel is tough, it’s a daily mental battle with yourself. It’s you vs. you and when you lose that battle, you start to result to actions that have negative consequences. Such as resulting to finding trainers/coaches, most of which are money hungry and have no interest in your overall wellbeing. They'll help you lose 20lbs in one month and then won't be there when you relapse. Some other actions include purchasing supplements and products that have no credibility and/or have damaging effects. We've all been there.



I want to stress that although most of my “transformation photos” are seen as mostly physical, it’s not what I want to focus on. It's not what my goal in life is. Yes, I did undergo a pretty big physical transformation but I wouldn't have gotten this far if my mind and mental health didn't get to a better place. Physical transformations are great, it’s what most of us want, it’s what we hire trainers and coaches for.


However, these physical transformations begin and are ONLY successful (in the long run) if and only if your mind and heart are in the right place. No matter how much you stress about the numbers, worry and spend all your money on coaches/trainers, supplements, steroids, injections etc…no matter the physical progress you make; I promise you, you will never truly be happy with yourself no matter how much those numbers and photos change IF you haven’t found a healthy way to help control those demon mental thoughts and appreciate yourself as a whole.


I know this is a lot, so let me break my thoughts down. You always hear about famous people with loads of money or have the “perfect” body (whatever that may mean to you and some of them struggle with severe mental health issues and are absolutely miserable. To everyone else around them, whether in person or on social media, they have a perfect life, the perfect body, the perfect family etc., but truth is, if you were to ask them, they are living in misery. Most of them are truly unhappy, they don't know how to appreciate the physical changes such as the numbers.


I experience this with my clients daily, I am now that voice that helps gear them to the positive light. I vowed to use my own physical and mental downfalls and experiences to help them get to the point where I finally felt freed from numbers, scales and measurements.


Loving yourself is hard, it’s a battle we all face every single day. But learning to appreciate and love the little bits, piece by piece will go a long way (didn't mean for that to rhyme haha). There are so many ways to start loving and appreciating what you, yourself, mind AND body has to offer the world. If you appreciate those little non-physical things, the physical stuff starts mattering less and less but ultimately will transform.


Just think about it, if you appreciate yourself and your worth, you're motivated to workout regardless if the scale or numbers change, th


en when you DO start to see the numbers change, you get EVEN more motivated and push yourself even harder, then you see MORE results and then you're in a happy cycle :) Give this little formula a try ;)


Happy Tuesday everyone!




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